Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

今天我觉得生病。我 不家因为我有一个曲棍秋比赛。


  1. 希望你好起来!多休息!祝你曲棍球比赛成功!

  2. BTW, 今天的作业:
    1. Find one picture of a clothes item you like the most, one you kind of like (but is not your favorite) and one you do not like. In short, you need three pictures of three clothes items. Post the three pictures on your personal wikispace.
    -- I recommend you setting up a page named as "Homework" so it will be easier for you to locate your homework information;
    2. Preview "Text 1" for Lesson 25 in your Text Book II (not the new one for this year yet). The text is on page 204.
    3. Read and record your reading of "Text 1" for Lesson 25 on Vocaroo and embed the Vocaroo file into your personal wikispaces.
    4. 谢谢你的部落格post!!!